Welcome to Wandering Feet!

My name is Rajbir Kaur, and at age 27 in 2013, I founded Wandering Feet, after leaving behind my life in Mumbai, where was happily working in the advertising world.

Always seeking adventures from life and Mother Nature; I work to fund my travels and storytelling. Wandering Feet is the home of all my work and travels, and I pray, it inspires anyone wishing to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world and follow their own path.

My journey


I grew up as a nerd in a typical Indian middle class family in Ahmedabad and went on to finish engineering studies in Maharashtra. Somewhere during that period, learning to live independent and finding my own space, realized that this not what I want to do with my life. Post engineering, decided to do masters in Communications from Pune. And then life took me to Mumbai where I live the most fulfilling 2 years of my life. I honed my skills learning and working with some of the best people; i could meet and work in the industry.

In August 2012,  a solo trip to Rishikesh happened. And Wandering Feet was born. Difficult to restrain this small being to a cubicle, I travel & work. And make my office at times in the lap of Himalayas or by the seashore. But always come back to what I call home, Mother Ganges.


Since then I have trekked to few places in Himalayas and travelled to some remoter places in India for shoots. Volunteered in a Buddhist nunnery and made a film for them, lived in places and environment where, never imagined myself to be in. And there’s always more and more adding to the list.

What’s happening now


It’s been close to four years, that Wandering Feet has been working as a freelance filmmaker. And each project brings along with itself necessary lessons and new experiences that not only enhance the craft but also my life.

Plus, I get to travel to new places, meet new people and share our lives and thoughts briefly that widens my perceptions about life.

Wandering Feet chooses the projects, which explore the relationship between humans and nature. The work also highlights social issues that need to be addressed. Primarily, the work is attuned to bring out the positives of nature and life. Some films have been screened at international film festivals in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Spain, Russia and Poland.

If you have come across any interesting subject or story that needs to be filmed and shared; send them my way by mailing me at wanderingfeetfilm@gmail.com.

Stay connected with my journeys on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yesterday our son who is Autistic and types to communicate typed “Oar the way” when we were leaving to go home. He explained it meant its time to go home. I see you also used this phrase. I’m wondering if you know the original source of this saying.

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