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107 Stray Animal Shelter

While in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 last September on a work project, got a chance to meet Jesse who runs a stray animal shelter in Shanghai. She’s an inspiring example of how a spirited individual can make a difference. One of the active volunteers there, Sharon, who’s a friend asked if i can make a small film for the shelter to help them raise funds. I hardly had any time other than my main project but we managed to squeeze in a visit to the shelter.

And had no clue if i would get anything substantial on the first visit and that too only had 3 hours on hand. Still we went ahead to see what will come out of it. Before actually visiting the shelter, my notion about the place was of a nice huge open place for the dogs to play, run and live.

But as i reached there, was welcomed by the barkings of 40-50 dogs simultaneously all housed in an enclosed place. That made me completely numb. And the reality of the so called ‘big cities’ hit me hard on the face or say on my ears. Big cities – small spaces!!! Now my doubts of getting the shots increased many folds. Harrowed by the constant barking, lack of space to move around and then time cringe on top of that.! How will i be able to shoot something for them? Jesse asked me to sit for few minutes, till the excitement of dogs subside.

And then slowly we started to shoot. Dogs too calmed down and got less excited… And still, I have no idea how we managed to finish this shoot under 3 hours. But we did it. And hope this film helps them raise awareness in their community and also helps them to sustain the shelter.




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