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Whose reflection is it anyway?

Each one around us is constantly holding a mirror; showing us our own reflection. We are constantly reflecting each other all the time. That’s how we are connected. Invisible photon rays bouncing from one to one. We are unto each others’ light we are seeking. But we have a concept of a mirror too; we have a concept of the reflection, we have a concept for everything. A notion of accepting it only from a certain personality; from a certain preconceived entity! No! There aren’t only few who can reflect. Everyone can and everyone does. Then why do we not keenly see at what we are looking at in the Now!

In our own vanity; we close our own eyes towards those who humbly and very silently reflect us. We get taken away by the fasaad that is usually present around those who have taken upon themselves to show the mirror to others. Even that says a lot about us! Why do we run after them to see our own image. We don’t know who we are.. So we believe anything anyone shows us!  How long can that work! We don’t trust the own intrinsic self but we want to believe an outsider’s lie. So pause; pause right here.

Scan your body, scan your mind right now. What is it telling you? Listen to that! Listen to what it says! It may go against everything one is conditioned to believe and act! But follow it!

Follow it and see where it leads.You’ve got nothing to lose. And see how life flows from there ! And then just flow…

Flow without rigid patterns, flow without having closed systems, flow without fixed paths, flow without inhibitions, flow like a tornado, flow into a gentle breeze, flow into the present, flow in to the death, flow in to the creation,  flow in to a new birth, make new paths and leave no trails. Flow into the flow.

And learn to See, not look. Learn; how to see without bias. Nature is fluid. And we miss out on all the cues we get around us all the time. It is constantly guiding through the humblest around.But we are too vain to look.

Many believe it’s their duty to hold mirror for someone else.The mirrors we are holding are murky as we haven’t taken time to first clean our lenses of perception.We don’t need to hold the mirror; we only need to clean our lenses by our own discernment. We are too busy to reflect others and correct them when someone else is quietly reflecting your own actions.So pause once in a while and be quiet. Be still. And in that stillness; See what emerges….!

Do you like what you see? Have the courage to accept with dignity and grace!

Then once in a while; when we come across a lens that really shows the clearest state we are in; we immediately go into denial. How can one look so ugly. How much time we spent on adorning the masks that will make us look beautiful in the outside world. But then suddenly someone stripped you naked; naked of all the paraphernalia, naked of all plastic hanging around you.

And who can do that for you…well It can be anyone; Don’t look for co-ordinates of that being, it can really be anyone, it can be an 1 year old, a stranger in the train, a beggar on the street, a friend, a foe, a bad teacher, a worse student, a pet, a neighbour,a bird on that tree, a fear in those eyes, a closed love in that heart, a gentle smile from that lips, a raging anger from that pain. Anyone and anything.

So! Where will you run now? Where will you run from your worst demons, your deepest fears, your suppressed emotions; your hurtful past, your tiniest of joys, your innermost child. Where?

Don’t run, don’t hide. Face it. Embrace it.

Be grateful for the opportunity and surrender. That mirror came away to take it all. Don’t be afraid to bare it all! Give it all that you have. Let it take away even that most cherished moment that is hidden in the deepest chambers of the heart. Empty it all. Let it take away all that is beautiful and not so beautiful. And then from now on have that courage to live naked. Don’t compromise, don’t get duped, Don’t accumulate expectations, emotions, judgments, fears, joys, acceptance. Don’t!

Walk on the green earth of your heart naked for no one will look at you with odd eyes !! For there is no ‘other’ left.

Walk into the light that gives light to the stars in darkness!

Walk into the space that’s present in the nucleus of a cell.

Be the heat of the desert on a summer afternoon.

Be the flowing waft of jasmine in the night.

Be present.

That is Self-Surrender.


2 thoughts on “Whose reflection is it anyway?

  1. Wow, Rb,
    Your progression from photographer, to movie make and now to a writer is fascinating !
    Expressions and examples fill your words with meaning and a glinting-reflection.
    Keep writing from your heart, and sharing, so some others can resonate with the ideas n feelings !

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