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The Lord of the Peaks

There are places and then there are PLACES to be at. Had been meaning to visit the Tungnath peak for quite some time. Originally had planned to travel solo but when found out that a friend is travelling with a group of his friends, I jumped in too at this opportunity and got to spend time with some beautiful people and making new friends.

Photo credits: Arnab Das
Photo credits: Arnab Das

Here we all are walking totally mesmerized!

Time & Space are the illusions we keep ourselves entangled in. A confession! As I write this statement, am unable to comprehend this statement myself in its entirety. But that’s how I feel when I look back at this visit. We all experience the realization of this illusion at some point, in some situations.


We trekked for a day. But the experience is so rich; it seems it encompassed so much of time or may be no time at all both difficult to measure with a reference unit . And I sit here in awe! wondering how is it even possible?

Is it only the beauty of the place that is so enchanting that makes walking in the Himalayas almost like walking into a different dimension of space and time or does it actually happen? No remembrance of incidents, no memory of how arduous the snow-trek was! All that comes back to me is the experience of being there which is same as being here. Something that doesn’t change with the change of seasons or landscapes, days or nights.

At last i have to admit that neither i arrived at Tungnath nor did i ever left it.


Leaving all with a short film ‘NOW’ that was assembled in the Here & Now at Tungnath.


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