Foot Trails

From Sunrise to Sunset and the Times Inbetween.

2014 has been a year of very few travel tales but included the most fascinating journey to Upper Himalayas; the Spiti Valley. Here are a few of the selected shot stories that completely seized the moment. 1. The best of this year was surely witnessing the Milky Way with constellations and so many stars and planets. How can we live by denying ourselves these magical wonders that we live amongst. This was truly spectacular. 3P4A0998 3P4A1017

2. Spending a week in Buddhist Nunnery; receiving so much of love, warmth and affection was again the highlight of this year. They all are such a bundle of joy. 3P4A1151 3P4A1177

3. On a work project got to travel to Uttarkashi. Alas; didn’t get paid for this one. Had to shell some money from my own. But the place was beautiful. Am still happy. IMG-20140305-02430

4. One of the most amazing times in Rishikesh is to see the sun coming up from over the mountains. Different view each day makes it such a treat and makes me want to wake up early and see the Sunrise. IMG-20140722-02723

5. This is in Kibber village; the second highest motorable village in Spiti. And Just as we reached the sun had started to go down. Watching the sunsets at high altitude is different.


6. One doesn’t need to travel far to see the best views; this one taken from my terrace. The evening melting away with orange and blue slowly merging; my favourite; the twilight moment. The moon and the two stars starting to glow as the dusk approaches. 3P4A1871

7. Some how I feel at peace looking at this one. This pic gives no reference of boundaries, horizons, the sky, the earth, the highs and the lows. It just so here&now. There is no perspective. It gives me a sense of what eternity may feel like. The bird has just entered the frame; but its has been flying; coming from somewhere; it will cross this frame and continue for how long; and how far? no one knows and that’s the beauty of it. IMG_20141215_133253214

8. Stealing simple joys of living by the banks of Ganga. Beauty is in the experience. When happy; beauty is found even in the mundane things one walk past by every day. IMG_20141214_125524572

9. The barren landscapes can’t stop to mesmerize me. Waiting to visit again. 20140816_133219 20140816_154418

10. The window of my room in nunnery. What a lovely view to wake up to! 3P4A1118

11. On the way down to Manali form Rohtang. The snakey roads and view of almost the entire route to Manali town. IMG-20140827-02776

12. On a travel project to the town of New Tehri. I love projects that include intrepid travels and pay too. IMG_20141217_104816176

13. The dammed water of Ganga. A picture perfect natural landscape but the stagnant waters always looks gloomy to me. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 1.18.07 PM

14. The mutifold layered landscapes of Himalayas. There is something so mystical and majestic about them. IMG-20140305-02435

15. My first underwater shot in Mother Ganges. Those joys when a friend hands over his Go-pro to you and you just dip it in the waters for a shot. 🙂 Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.06.11 AM   16. What I love most are the perfect sunset landscapes over the Mother Ganga and the ghats. IMG_20141201_174058216 IMG_20141201_164647624_HDR 2015 is surely going to be more nomadic; pray that wanderingfeet wanders to unseen, unknown lands and explore more on this inner journey.


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