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Orange is Red


source: wikipedia, paul cezanne
source: wikipedia, paul cezanne

What really makes us believe that our belief systems and patterns are actually correct and not a deception?

Orange can actually be Red. There is no way to know. May be we are just conditioned to call red; the orange. We are deluded by buying into set thought-patterns, into these made up conditionings in life about what needs to be what; determined by others around us.

Is there even anything like the truth? The moment we define something it’s already a perspective; a limited perception of WHAT IS. To have an whole experience of THAT one has to be in deep recess of the Silence of the heart. And there is no language; no corruption of the audible sound.

But it’s such a pity; we are scared of no language; we can’t live without making meanings; without the gross sound; without defining everything around us in words. We want to communicate; but we mainly miscommunicate by imposing of what we believe. So one never knows if Orange is Red or Red is Orange.

Every outer sound is a lie. There is nothing to believe in; no need to hold on to an idea; no need to be right. no need to even do the right thing. There is only one way; to dive in; to dive in your own self.  Would it make a difference what label is given to it. Do I really need to define the Being?

What is important is to experience what it feels like to be Orange. The only sure way is to BE Orange. To be one with it. Then you don’t need to describe it. Because you are it. You breathe in that Orange. The explanation then will be meaningless.

And that’s the way to be; to live.

Lately; i have been looking back at my life and seeing i have just been collecting information; piling up tons of data from books, from teachers and other people and then vomiting it out and believing that “I know”. But every now and then; that information is challenged, proved wrong, miscommunicated or misinterpreted. We crave for that external stimulus of data coming to us all the time. But we don’t want to test it; experiment with it. We act blind like there is no way for us to know. But there always is.

First we are told; Vaccum is a space devoid of matter. We believe it. And for decades that was the truth. Then its revealed that vaccum has a matter that is held by another particle called ‘god particle’ and we believe that too. Can we ever test it ourselves. Yes! We need to be the Vaccum to know what it is like to be vaccum, what’s in there when vaccum is created. And then how to be that Vaccum? Again we will look outside for answers. But funnily the answer is still IN SIDE. We trust everyone else but our own inner self. And it will never shout and tell you what IT IS. It’s language is SILENCE. And we always remain a stranger to that inner friend. We behave as the strangest strangers to the One; to that Silence.


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