Foot Trails

Spitian Skies


I hadn’t thought that my first post on Spiti will be about the magical sky i witnessed; the sky so full of shine that i was literally blown away watching the glitters in the sky. May be this is an exaggeration but i won’t forget the moment when walking back from the market place in Kaza after having dinner with a friend we just casually looked up and were literally blown away by seeing those twinkling lights right above us.

How do we miss the wonders that mother nature has bestowed upon us . I remember as a child i always wanted to travel in space. But looking at this sky; I realized the wonderful space am in; that am also part of this vast unfathomable cosmos that came out of No-thing.

To be still in the dark night and just gaze at this marvel was a unique experience. As my friend said the most amazing part is that there might be few stars who are dead eons of years ago but their light just reached us now. So we are looking at something that doesn’t exist at this moment. What a play of time and space.

It indeed is one of the very special treasures that i found in Spiti. I feel so special looking at the sky. Yes! am too made up of some star dust! 😉



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