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3rd Yama – Ashteya

Many a times – there are no equivalent terms to describe and translate Sanskrit words. It often misleads in translation.

Ashteya – usually translated as non-stealing in English doesn’t do justice. A closer word is not to covet; not to yearn to possess what belong to others. Of-course most of us don’t  literally go on stealing things from others but we do often have a desire to posses seeing someone’s new dress, car, shoes, gadget and the list can go on. We never put a filter as to do we really need to buy or possess or it’s just an ego satisfying act.

So Ashteya is exercising the mind to not fall prey to these temptations. As we get a desire to obtain something. Stop. Be aware and check do I really need it? Is it going to help me in my practice? Or is just for my sense pleasures? So it’s not about sacrificing but being aware of one’s own needs from wants.

So the key is to be watchful of the mind all the time. I often slip practicing Ashteya in day-to-day life but no judgements! Keep on practicing.

Swami Rama of the Himalayas
Swami Rama of the Himalayas



“Blind desires motivate us to do anything and everything; there is no sense of discrimination, no judgement and no understanding. It motivates you to do something just to fulfill that desire —- simply because it exists. And when desire is not fulfilled, you get angry and frustrated.”

“And if its fulfilled you develop pride and become intoxicated so you cannot think clearly and behave badly with others.”-Swami Rama (Art of Joyful Living)


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