Foot Trails

Living in the moment!

Many people often ask me, “What does travel mean to you? Why is it so thrilling to be on the road?” The only answer I have – the discoveries I make on the road; the beautiful chance encounters I have with nature; and to always expect the unexpected! Here am sharing my few still stories that I captured while on the road. Whether high up in the mountains or on the far away shores; I strongly feel its not about which place is more beautiful than the other but how I connect to it and feel one with it. These experiences taught me to live life in the present moment as everything in nature is so dynamic and ever changing.

Amidst the colours of nature

I wander in awe,

From the mountains to the seas.

Unique in its landscape

there is so little the lens can capture

and the eyes can hold.


      When travelling for a work project, I happened to cross by Nanak Matta Dam built across Saryu river in Uttarakhand. The serenity of the place can compel anyone to stop by and breathe into the calmness of the place.


On the way to Pithoragarh, the last Uttarakhand district sharing the border with China & Nepal. The sharp curves on the hills offer unique landscapes and a heartwarming light and shadow play.


As seen from the Munisyari town, one of the snow clad peaks of Panchachuli glacier (there are total 5 that’s why the name Panchachuli). Visited in August, the rainy season, so glaciers are covered with clouds most of the time. This one is a treasure as after long hours of waiting by my balcony I managed to get a glimpse.


A painted sunset near Lansdowne


Tarkeshwar’s Deodar trees! Tarkeshwar’s uniqueness is its majestic deodar trees that are found only at about 7000ft whereas Tarkeshwar is at 4500ft. This is one unique ecosystem hardly found anywhere else


This is what I call home! sunrise at Ganga in Rishikesh


The statue of Lord Shiva that sat tall at Ram Jhula in Rishikesh, washed away with the catastrophic rage in June 2013.


After a hard day’s work; that’s how the evening sun greeted me in Ooty


A day in this quaint south indian village near Ramanathpuram; smiling green with rice fields and curvy coconut trees; different but yet so similar to the landscapes of Punjab


Getting ready for today’s catch at Olaikuda beach, Rameshwaram


The boats after their trip to the seas in Dhanuskodi and the crows looking for their share


Working skillfully with their fishing nets in Dhanuskodi


                 The arc view of Pamban’s fisherman colony at Rameshwaram


              The Silhouetted gods at Bay of Bengal, Rameshwaram  granting wishes at the last stretch of land.

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