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Love, Serve, Remember!


Love, Serve, Remember – Is one of the ‘keys’ to the way of life by Swami Rama . Since I heard it; it kept ringing in my head Love, Serve, Remember and I always wondered how do I live by these words in my everyday life?





















The visit to the Golden Temple really humbled me in lot of ways. The food people have in the langar hall is prepared with lots of love with the name of Guru. People offer their services selflessly for the preparations. It’s amazing to have the doors of the guru-dwara langar hall open 24/7 for one and all. Not only here but wherever I have eaten in the ashrams, with my co-travellers in the trains; eating together and sharing the food that’s offered with love and gratitude satiates the soul.

And one thing that struck me was that it’s not about the money but it’s about the intentions. We need money to buy groceries sure but those who volunteer to offer their services for cutting the vegetables, peeling onions, washing the dishes is exemplary. Watching all of them doing this seva so selflessly; am motivated to do at least something I can; to do my bit in life. I decided to feed the dogs that I meet on the way to the banks of Ganga. Seeing a tummy being filled is indeed satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Love, Serve, Remember!

  1. hello mam,
    All your blogs are really surprising and awsome
    Come to the point directly, I’m Piyush,24 yr boy from maharashtra, like to wonder and travel a lot. Of course I have some limitations as I’m working govt. sector.
    One think i always wanna to ask that ‘whats makes you travel alone?’ I mean wts ur source of inspiration? coz this is the vital problem with me, even I tried a lot to convince myself the fact that ‘The man in traveling can never b the alone’ still.. 😦
    Learned a lot from your blogs, Thank you mam


    1. Hi Piyush!
      I’ll only say… it’s not about travelling alone but its the very love for travel and to see new places.
      Once you do it you’ll know if you want to do it again or not!\
      All the best for your future travels.

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