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Stepping Out

Stepping  Out of the mind and making an attempt to see things as they are is my biggest challenge till date. So habituated to live in the confines of my deceptive mind.. am scared to venture out. Out – where it is actually safe as there are no assumptions, no preconceived notions, no judgements, no rights and wrongs.  So this ‘Out’ is not actually out but a place beyond mind. May be a place that we call heart.

Recently I heard one of the teachers of the tradition say one needs to know when to work from heart and when from head. One really needs to discriminate when to make this switch skillfully. Most of fail to distinguish the voice of the head to the voice of the heart.

we need to keep experimenting and testing till we know where the voice is coming from. So step out of all the conditionings, all the prejudices that are active and dormant in the mind, let-go of all the grudges, forgive each & all starting with yourself; de-clutter the entire space. And its okay to stumble but don’t stumble at the same place twice.



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