Yoga & Science of joyful Living

Bursting the bubbles

Another Science of Joyful Living play at sadhana mandir… And many new insights.

The best take away this time for me was how to face these thought bubbles that constantly arise in the mind. Its become such an engaging play that you consciously keep bursting them as they arise and the vacant space that’s left gives peace.

Its like you employ one of the monsters as a doorkeeper to prevent other monsters from entering the gate. Slowly the doorkeeper transforms and is no longer a monster. And then may be after a point no doorkeeper is required and no monster is needed. But till then be vigilant of these so called thought bubbles because they are not more than colourful shells with empty trapped air. Don’t keeping running around to catch them.

So burst them even before they are ready to rise up. Make space and keep making space that is limitless.

2 days back, my very good  85 years old young friend expired. The news shook me. I close my eyes and picture him talking to me; his loving face gently comes on my inner screen. I really want to feel sad that I won’t be able to meet him but whenever I attempt to mourn; he smiles at me  and a serene peace radiates through my being. It fills me with so much of love that there is no space for sadness. What a way to die! And what a way to live in everyone’s heart. So beautifully he left his mortal body in peace that the peace resonates in our hearts. I wish to die like that. Thank You Toffee Uncle for so much of love and warmth and for this beautiful experience you gave as you left this plane.


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