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A brief brush with spiritualists

Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world; all kinds of traditions, practices and teachers are to be found in this holy city.  When I arrived here; I came straight home – Sadhana Mandir so I never really had to go to the other side of the Ganga to explore.

Yesterday for a film shoot, I got an opportunity to meet and talk to different teachers of Yoga, to listen to their teachings and philosophies. I couldn’t help but keep comparing it with what I have been taught. The core teachings are always same but just said and explained differently.

Got a beautiful exposition on non-attachment from a very old swamiji. His aura owned affection and compassion. He is a firm believer of Karma Yoga. That is to do the duties selflessly; surrendering the fruits of the actions. Don’t be attached to the results.That’s the way of liberation. But to do the duties is a must.
But again we need to learn to discriminate between self assumed duties and the ones that we ought to do. And I believe this comes with our own life experiences.

Then we met another who spoke on meditation. And this is one message I take home. He said its possible you practice pranayama incorrectly, exercises incorrectly but you can never go wrong with meditation. There is nothing like wrong meditation. Practice is the only virtue which will take one forward on the path.

Lastly, we met a lady who spoke on contemplation and inquiry. On how to question every emotion & thought and feeling that comes to our mind. She gave an example: That if I scold my maid for something. I immediately ask myself why did your ego got hurt? why did you have to shout on her?  Who is it that got angry?

Aaah! this is something we can all do and be more conscious of our behavior in the external world.

Am glad to meet them all.


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