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2nd Niyama – Contentment (Santosh)

There is a thin line between satisfaction and contentment.

Satisfaction is a temporary feeling. We all feel satisfied from time to time. But then we need more.Being satisfied with a favorite meal doesn’t mean that we are not going to get hungry again.Even contented with a meal; we are still going to get hungry.

But its the desire that makes all the difference. We are satisfied when our desire gets fulfilled. And contentment is to enjoy life without having any desires. So to climb the rungs of Ashtanga Yoga; it is said contentment is one of the essential prerequisite.

I still can’t tell contentment from satisfaction in certain situations of my life. But all I do is keep my expectations in check. Still it wasn’t really helping. So how do you feel contented all the time. Its a lofty idea. As mortals you’ll be subjected to emotions, expectations, rights, wrongs, desires, disappointments. So how can contentment be a starting point.

I still don’t understand when people say practice contentment in your life. I feel it’s a lie by acting that things don’t affect us and nothing can go wrong. You might be able to pull this up for a while but it will come hitting right back when you see life isn’t going according to your will. We are so attached to our external lives. It affects us and its a fact. Life’s ever-changing; there will always be ebbs after the tides.

Santosh comes by being in love. When you are so One with Him that nothing else really matters. Only with surrender to the Self; to the inner guru that we learn to accept all that is happening in and outside us. And its then that contentment follows.

Santosh gives you joy irrespective of what you have or not have in life. So I believe Love for that inner guru is the key to experience contentment (Santosh).

Any other takes?



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