Yoga & Science of joyful Living

A Bystander…

I have been gazing at the screen for a long time. And nothing comes out.

Usually I panic when am experiencing such a state. When there is nothing to say, nothing to talk about, nothing that is particularly wrong, nothing new learnt, nothing new shared.  Just a blank screen.

But off lately, am content with this no -thingness… Not running after words and putting meaning in them. There is joy in being no-thing. There is a strange peace in watching this blank screen of the mind.

No fear of not able to write any new story, of not able to share any new experience. Yes, that’s what the joy is about; having no fear.

So, I stand as a bystander to all the events of my life, so they pass by without affecting me. And I sit here in the joy of being no-body.



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