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2nd Yama – Satya (Truth)

This is a tricky one. What is actually truth? All we have are perceptions.  Have heard it enough that there is only one Absolute truth. But till one directly experiences it; can’t be described I guess.

 So practicing truth in a day to day life is a pretty tedious affair. Because all of us are carrying different versions of it and we become so attached to our interpretations that we are in constant conflict with the ‘truths’ of other people.

So the appropriate thing is to be aware – to not to lie. Not necessarily the truth has to be spoken out loud all the time. But definitely there is no need to lie ever.

Swami Rama says its imperative to learn to love inorder to practice truth. Truth cannot be practiced without observing Ahimsa (Non-violence). The first thing is to observe Ahimsa in action, speech and mind. By observing the principle of Ahimsa, we become loving and then can practice truth. But generally the ego comes in our way contracting our consciousness.

To keep the ego in check, we must examine our fears from time to time. “Learn to live in love and not in fear”, He says. “Let providence work and trust you will receive what you need.” (Art of Joyful Living)Swami Rama


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