Life in general

A patch of Orange Clouds


i start to walk;

little it knows which path to tread.

Unsure footsteps wanders the green earth,

where silent waters flow by side.

Cold smell of mist fills up the air,

and turns everything in a haze.

A gush of warmth then comes

and touches i.


when it starts to get dark on the inside,

stars light the path for i.

Longing to meet the Beloved,

i keeps on moving on;

The sounds from the woods on the other side

whisper the name of that beautiful lover.


In the blue grey dusky sky;

i sees a patch of orange clouds.

Seeing still a handful of day left,

i soaks in its radiance.

Becoming one with it,

i starts making patterns in the twilight sky.

The Beloved wakes up

And the dance of cosmos begins.


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