Life in general

A bizarre conversation!

I don’t remember if this really happened… But if it did.. it pretty much went like this:

During school times, some of my friends had flair for mathematics, some for writing, some for physics etc.. I was never particularly good at anything. Some were very quick at mugging; I wasn’t quite brilliant at that also. But had to slog through it and had to become slave of that subject to master it. I used to be envious with those kids. Sometimes I’ll ask God, what have you made me good at… what is my gift. Like seriously you sent me on the earth without any special talent like others? I asked him many times in a complaining tone.

Then one day, I heard a reply, you silly girl haven’t you realized that your gift is your freedom of choice, your ‘free will’ to do whatever you want to do is your gift. You choose whatever you want to do and work hard towards it and you will excel in it. No limitations for you. You have the power to manifest every single thought of your mind only that you work towards it. Sometimes you might have to work really really hard but in the end you’ll win. Your power is your choice. And I was like “Awwwoh.”  So it’s up to me who I want to be, what I want to be and how successful I want to be at it. Ok, Great! But there’s only one problem here. Now, I can’t ever turn back to Him and say, “It’s your fault.” Because he’s going to say, “Girl, I had warned you earlier only, that it’s all in your hands. The power is in your hands. Make it or break it.”


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