Yoga & Science of joyful Living

Yoga & FilmMaking

Yoga & Filmmaking has many parallels.


Listing a few here:

  1. First Mantra: Just do it. No point talking about it or wishing to do it. Go down in the field, get your hands dirty and start playing. Doesn’t matter how bad you are in the beginning… You’ll only improve with time.
  2. Learn all the rules and then unlearn everything to progress. Etch your own path.
  3. Do your Work/Karma – without worrying about the end results. In Yoga: there is no way backwards; it’s only upwards. In Film: Just tell your story honestly without agonizing about the opinions of others.
  4. Yoga functions on a strong foundation of Abhayasa (Practice) & Vairagya (Non-attachment).  You need to just practice, practice, and practice.Have detachment towards your story, so you can see it objectively. Don’t fall in love with your own story, with your own shots.
  5. It’s no competition… everyone has something different to say in his or her films. Everyone’s body is different so work according to your own strengths. The point is not to be better than anyone but to do our best.
  6. It’s all about team effort – Filmmaking is always a team effort. Everyone’s required to do their roles skillfully. Similarly for yoga all the faculties of mind have to co-ordinate and work in a team to experience  – “chitta vritti nirodah”.
  7. There is no one summit…  It’s a journey of exploration of the self.  Similarly there is no one perfect story. It’s a never-ending journey. So just enjoy the ‘way’ all the way.

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