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Editing woes and a tea stall?

Sometimes you really need to work with such a tremendous rate of urgency that you are going to die this very night so you must finish this last assignment at hand; You really have to make your self believe that – ‘Now’ is all  you got. Otherwise you can never finish the work at hand.

Easier said than done. It’s difficult to have an imposed deadline especially when it’s a self-given deadline and you are free to extend it at your will. Time seems likes eternity.

There are days when it feels, “Yes am going to finish the edit within the set deadline.” And then there are days when I don’t know where the story is going and I feel like I can never finish it. I set so many rewards to lure myself to finish the work. But nothing seems to work.

Each day, each moment, I start a new. By now, I have failed several times but I still kick myself up each time. Do I have any other choice? I wished I should have chosen a simpler profession (as many other souls suggest me likewise).  But swear to God, I never chose anything. It was the devil who picked me and now he’s nowhere to find.

At times I think of an alternate career and wished I had a tea stall high up in the mountains and my only job was to make tea. (Yes, just a tea stall no fancy café or restaurant) I would serve tea all day to the travellers, wanderers, lost, mystics, the wise & the olds who’ll visit the solitude of the heights. It would be a delight to share a cup of tea with a bunch of strangers every now & then, to see them have a cuppa & enjoy the view of distant snow-capped peaks, sipping the hot aromas in the drizzling rains amidst the rising mist.  And while having my share of cup, I would love to eaves drop in their some intelligent & some entertaining conversations. Wow! That would be some bliss.

But Alas! It’s time to come back… to go back to the editing… to finish the film.

It’s time to be a warrior again.


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