Life in general


Ever wondered about the impressions we carry in our mind, the sounds that emanate, create different images and forms and we live with them all our lives…they appear so real and alive, we never dare try and have a closer look at them for we know they are like beautiful clouds in the sky… On touching them,they melt and nothing comes in our hands… Every thought carries a form…and we spend all our lives living in the shadows…believing them as real…

Today I decided to travel through all, to touch them, feel them, and burst these bubbles…so that nothing remains… Then only a void is left. And I keep travelling in it till I come right in the centre of it. The very nucleus of it. Now the centre is a very dangerous place… In that perfect stillness, the beatings of the heart shakes the entire being of the void. And from that trembling comes the light…the light that shines brighter that thousand suns…and then nothing remains…neither the heart nor the void.


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