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Don’t be a spiritual junkie

Everyday I remind myself, please don’t be a spiritual junkie…Well I have happened to met some and its really not that pleasant. It’s perfectly fine to be simply human. Actually that is more than enough. It’s really okay.

 Recent months have given an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, to look at my own self, the egoist self in a different light. Have learnt this lesson repeatedly in life and especially Now: It doesn’t matter wherever I’ll go, I’ll still carry the same demons within me. So unless I get rid of them, there will be no change outside me, around me. I have at least learnt who and what not to be.

Here am trying to articulate certain observances, it may sound bitter; in actuality there is no bitterness outside, its only a byproduct of my initial lack of attention and a result of taking things for granted.  In a so-called spiritual place we normally let our guards off for a while, we stop doubting or judging people, we stop discerning their actions and motives and really believe that we are in a perfect place but then sooner or later the reality strikes.  The reality is that ‘spirituals’ are humans though they don’ think likewise and  consider themselves to be a level up.

I can’t be grateful enough to where I have been led and the way my journey is taking shape. My interactions with so-called spirituals have been enriching  as well as interesting in all ways. Have noticed that most of the times people love to wear this garb… and because normally we never bother to doubt we are taken in for a ride. And here am talking about very normal, mundane day-to-day stuff.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 3.51.32 PM

From a distant look, spiritual communities appear to be a utopia… where everything and everyone is perfectly aware (read enlightened) or rather they claim to be… They assert that their ‘spiritual oasis’ is better than the outside world of rat race. However a different kind of rat race exists inhere. Excuse me! But it’s the same world or even worse infected with petty issues. What’s the point in duping people with this fallacy?

 Interestingly, many of these so-called spirituals don’t know how to be friends… because they don’t believe in any sense of equality. They constantly suffer from superio(cytis). They don’t know its okay sometimes to share and laugh together just for the simple joys of life. They are so busy holding on to their spiritual status… that it’s disparaging for them to be human with others. Just because they are spiritual! And because they claim to have unraveled the mysteries of death and life and other fellow poor humans haven’t. As for them the external world is a illusion, its not real, so are the people also living in it are not considered real by them.

Suffering from an incessant need to be always sitting at a higher seat than others; they’ll be busy correcting others’ actions and speech.  Usually their talks are limited to giving advises and preaching right from complex spiritual topics to what you should be doing with your life to routine activities like cooking or cleaning, etc which no one even asked them about in the first place. They know it all and they know it better.

 They love to wear their ‘spiritual’ horns all the time. The reason they are helpful or kind to others is also because they are strictly spiritual and the one on the receiving end will be yoked forever in this act of kindness, as they will never stop reminding of their altruistic nature. They constantly carry their baggage of kindness with them.

Now there is no way to define any category of people, ‘spirituals’ or normal human beings and of course there is no generalization. All experiences come to us for a reason. And we just have to acknowledge and learn from them. There is a very definitive reason of what happens to us though we may not understand it then.

So the easiest thing to do is just To Be. Stay true to your own self, your own voice. Don’t be swayed by any labels and follow them blindly. And please in the least; let’s not play “spiritual-spiritual”.


 The heart guides the way, and it’s always the correct way.



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