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Looking for some stardust


Lazy, sleepy towns at times give you wonderful opportunities that we often miss in the hustle-bustle of a monster city life. Occasionally after dinner, when there are power-cuts, it gives a perfect excuse to go on the terrace and gaze at the night sky. The old melodies that play on the radio of a neighbor adds to the mood; also the cold breeze carries with it the fragrance of the earth damped by fresh showers and makes atmosphere totally intoxicating. I peep into the lives of the strangers around me. What does it take to be happy and how much of it, I wonder? Everything seems like a big moving circle. And sometimes I manage to step out of this circle, and sit quietly in a corner, and do strange things like gazing a seemingly empty sky…

 Strangely enough, I recalled that I haven’t seen a shooting star in a very long time. The last time I ever slept under an open sky was on a watchtower in a forest some years back.

 Now days, I tend to spend more time under the sky, looking intently at the twinkling stars. I’ll pick up a random star and keep gazing at it and wish it to fall… so I too can collect some star-dust. But till now no one has agreed to fall. I keep chasing them through the sky, seeing the patterns they form but am not interested in patterns. I don’t like how they come together and form shapes for which we have names…. I like them random… scattered, formless.

 So, I go and visit them every night with a Hope.


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