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1st Niyama – Saucha

Saucha is cleaning of the inner lenses of perception, developing inner luminosity.

The very obvious and common interpretation is to keep cleanliness of the body and our surroundings. But here, the cleanliness of the mind is talked about. Imagine the sages who sat in dhyana in the caves for years together, they didn’t bother to get up to brush their teeth and take a bath and change clothes, so does it mean they were not observing saucha?

Unless we maintain clarity of thoughts, outer cleaning is just a formality (in terms of Yoga). The valley of thoughts that is ever-present inside our minds creates the clouds of confusion and we are never able to see things as they are.

 Mind always loves to play victim, so we get someone else to blame for all that happen in our lives. It’s so convenient to not take blame for our own actions. In spite of knowing that it’s not correct, we choose to play along with our mind and keep ourselves under delusion.

 Saucha is listening to the voice of the conscience/ consciousness.  Without sincerely following 1st yama – Ahimsa, it’s difficult to practice saucha.

Ahimsa–not to harm anyone in action, mind and speech.

Don’t let the mind take you on an ego ride telling that everyone here is trying to harm. No one can harm us without our permission so it’s our own inner fear that we have to face. And this is an everyday process… Every morning, we have to fight the same fears; it’s the same fight until there is no opponent, no fighter.

 Hence, practicing saucha, helps remove the shades that cover the truth. It helps to clear the mirror within us.

 As Swami Rama puts it: “Do not kill your conscience and you’ll never commit mistakes, because your conscience will guide you wisely. So do not allow it to be enveloped by the dust of ignorance, and don’t shatter or damage your conscience. Keep it clear by listening to it.”


 (please refer YamasNiyamas and Yoga sutras of Patanjali)


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