Life in general

Waiting Rooms…


At times, waiting seems so inevitable in life. We wait for trains, for buses; we wait for journey to commence; we just wait to arrive somewhere. Life itself becomes this long waiting room.

 But sometimes all we can do is just wait. We prepare ourselves, and like an old dusty suitcase we keep dragging ourselves from one place to another. All places look like transit points and destination seems nowhere in sight.

 This waiting period dreads me that I’ll never begin that I’ll keep sitting on this bench holding on to my belongings and no train will ever come. Then what?

Should I let go off everything and start walking? But go where? The whole point of waiting for the train is that it knows where to take me as I don’t know where is it that I need to go so it gives me no option but to wait. To have patience and faith that I’ll be taken; I will not be left behind.

 So while I wait, I get rid of all that I am carrying, I throw away all my possessions, all my prized memories, my fears and anxieties, hopes & despairs, joys and sorrows and also the very desire of going somewhere.

And then the train arrives.


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