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Chasing Self-Worth!


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As a child, ever since I remember, life has always been about proving how good we are; how useful we are; we are always enacting performances, we wear so many masks to please those around us. We have got this incessant need to be approved by others. These masks become our identities and we simply forget that someone exists behind these put-on masks, someone alive, someone who is our real self…

It never seems enough, right from the pressure of getting good grades, the high-package jobs, an ultra posh house and car, latest smart phones, an even smarter life partner, the list is endless! These are the set milestones that determine the measure of success of our so-called lives . Life becomes nothing more than a never-ending chase of certain tangible items. We will always find someone who has more than us, who’s better than us in some way and we keep feeling inadequate no matter what and it diminishes our self-worth.

We always thrive on the ideas of self, given to us by others. We make their opinions our realities. To feel beautiful, we need to be told so by someone else. It’s then we feel beautiful, its then we feel happy about our self.  We have become prey to this constant external assertion that has shallowed our existence. Why can’t we feel ‘that’ inner beauty that’s ever present in us all the time? If we are told that we are bad at something, we easily accept it and leave our efforts then and there. We are reduced to being puppets rather than master of our actions.

And what is the price we pay for all this? We ignore our own self, our inner voice and at this point, I wont even say dreams or desires, as we alter them too based on what will be acceptable to those around us.  Not listening to our own calling is the greatest harm we do to ourselves. We try to fit in to the society’s idea of happiness, success and keep running in wrong direction. Alas! We never seem to reach anywhere and nothing seems to provide contentment.

 Let’s for once, drop all the fears and notions; let’s for once walk on the ridge with open arms and closed eyes. Do what you really want to do without any fear of outcomes. Walk with the faith that life will embrace you; it wont let you fall.

Just try once; living for that voice, you will never need a reason to look for an approval outside yourself. Now you are honest to yourself, to the entire existence.

 So let’s turn back to the voice of the self; before it’s too late.



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