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A little more fearless than yesterday!

Dorothy, as depicted by John R. Neill, is usua...
Dorothy, as depicted by John R. Neill, is usually cited by fans of the book series as the way they see the character. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I can do it; I will do it; I have to do it.” Swami Rama never tires to point this out everywhere and anywhere he can. And still it never seems to be enough. This sentence is now my mantra for life (one of the many). Because it became a compulsive co-incidence that whatever am reading, this sentence will invariably emerge on its own. I try to apply it in every action, I plan to do; and just when am about to slip under the effect of self-doubt. I quickly remind my self, “I can do it; I will do it & I have to do it.”

Like this other day, I willed to go for a long evening walk till the dam. But then the nature played its mischief; a violent summery wind started to blow and for a frail figure like me, it’s dangerous to venture out, as there are high chances that I can be easily flown away like Dorothy and come face to face with the Great Wizard himself. I am not ready for that!

So in spite of all the perceivable dangers, I still stepped out. And believe me, it was not easy. The force of the wind was very strong but I held on to my roots and took each step cautiously. The goal seemed nowhere in sight but I was determined to complete my walk. Walking against the strong current of wind is like fighting with this invisible monster; for each step taken forward; you will be thrown back two steps. The merciless wind threw me off the course several time but I kept on walking. At last I reached the dam, only to witness an antithesis. On one side of the dam, the water is going in with a forceful speed, passing through some giant turbo like thing; and at the other end, it comes out so calm and silent…(Hmmm…)

It was time to head back. Now, walking with the flow of the wind, I assumed would be easier but was equally challenging. The road never seemed to reach anywhere. I started to feel exhausted and silly about this whole thing, what was I really trying to prove? At last, Sadhana Mandir came in sight and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Now on the face of it, in no sense this can be a remarkable episode but it did something magical for me. Achieving what you set out to do (no matter if it’s as small an action of going for a walk)  despite the external circumstances makes you feel real good inside, makes you feel a bit more fearless to take on the challenges life throws at you.

You might be pushed, you might fall, stumble, get hurt or lost in the way. No worries just pick up yourself, brush off the bruises and start walking again. And Remember: You can do it; you will do it; you have to do it.



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