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The Zen Dog

I often sit here, magnetized by this view.


Everyday, I walk pass it, praying that today the view should not look ordinary that I fail to acknowledge it. To my amusement, it always appears so fresh and special like am seeing it for the first time. The eyes just can never have enough of it.

At times, when I see other people sitting in awe, adoring this beauty, I feel like this possessive lover, who can’t stand the idea of anyone looking at his beloved. How can anyone else enjoy something that belongs only to me? Yes! However, absurd it may sound, but that’s how I pretty much felt about it.

During one of my evening walks, I witnessed an unusual scene. I found a dog sitting so still and breathing in, this calm twilight scene.  I couldn’t help but kept staring at him, at his earnest Buddha like stance.  His gaze had this certain tranquility about it, certain knowingness around him that drew me towards it instantly.

I experienced such a rare compassion in that moment that I was willing to give all my share of love to this Zen dog, so at least he can be one with his beloved so that, at least this love story gets an eternal happy ending.


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