Yoga & Science of joyful Living

The beginning…

‘Yoga’ as a word always fascinated me and has been part of my life ever since I remember but it only existed as a word and nothing more. I still remember whenever my friends prompt me to join a gym or any exercise related activity… I’ll turn back and say no…. I will  do only Yoga… Not that I was doing any but I always said that. And I never actually started practicing it until sports was made compulsory in my MBA program (2008-10). We had a range of sports to choose from like foot ball, tennis, badminton, basket ball, swimming, martial arts, yoga etc. And guess what I gladly chose… From my class we were only 2 students (including me) who opted for Yoga, and my batch mates would make fun and say we never knew Yoga was even a sport. Hmmm…I couldn’t care less about what they thought.

Our yoga class would be 7 am sharp every morning. Now, when I had to wake up early to go for the class while the rest of my apartment   girls were sleeping, was a tough sight to see. More than the love for yoga, I had to go for the attendance  because that was something non-excused in our program. And the allowed leaves were to be saved for genuine reasons rather than for sloth. So I used to attend the class faithfully.

Our teacher taught us very basic and simple exercises which all of us managed to do pretty well. And because she had got an inkling that most of us come out of compulsion rather than a genuine interest.. she never taught us anything beyond beginner’s level. Well, I was a little disappointed then. But  yes we made it through all the 3 trimesters(one year). We never got to do those crazy twisted poses. The maximum we went were doing 30-40 Surya Namaskars in a row. And all the girls in my class were happy to shed their extra kilos generously. I will look at my teacher dejectedly… And she will say, “Don’t worry you will gain weight by doing it.” But I never did and the same story still continues.

In 2nd year, under the burden of never ending assignments the trip to the morning class became lesser and lesser and then the tryst with ‘yoga’ ended; at least for then.


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