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Somewhere in Kyrgyzstan!

IMG_0885On the very second day of arriving in this beautiful mountain country, I decided to go on a hike. Found out about the amazing trekking union guys who arrange the day hikes in the nearby areas of Bishkek. So it doesn’t matter if you are a solo person or with a group of friends; you become part of a larger group and get going in the mountains. All you need to bring is your own packed lunch.
So here we started early in the morning and reached our base point by 10 am. We were a group of 18-20 people.

Was assuming this to be a different feeling of being in the mountains of Central Asia. But mountains are mountains, right! They are always beautiful. So everyone started walking at their own pace, chatting, clicking pictures or just in silence. We had to reach the end point in 2-3 hours. The hike ends by the side of a serene and calm lake. Enjoy the natural beauty, eat your lunch, sit in silence and soon it will be time to trek down and drive back to the city.


Am a slow walker by nature and still was managing finely. I wasn’t the last in the group. There used to be 5-6 people walking behind me. So guessed, I was doing just fine in terms of speed and reaching the lake in time. But after a point, became restless to finish the trek. The terrain also played funny tricks. There were 3 little steep hills that we had to ascend and walk down. And during every ascent, I felt, “O, after this, the lake will be visible. But it didn’t. This happened 2 times. And on seeing the 3rd ascent, I gave up.

Our guide was way too ahead so had no clue of how much walking was left. Basically there was no one to buck me up. So on seeing a team of horses near by, I sat down, next to them and decided this is it for me! It’s okay if I didn’t get to the lake. I can’t move an inch farther. People behind me kept walking past, giving me a puzzled look.

Ate some chocolates and fruits that I had brought along and sat there enjoying the view. I started consoling my self that it‘s okay.It‘s okay not to push yourself beyond your limits. It‘s just a lake. This is beautiful enough.
But at the same time, was also timing the girl who was walking with great difficulty on how much time she will take to climb the hill that was ahead. And she took 15 minutes to walk uphill with her pace…

After chocolates and fruits, started to feel some energy moving again. Said to myself, “why not 15 minutes more? Though still had no clue how far the lake was… Got up, started climbing up and telling myself no more walking after this climb. But as I reached up and walked 10 steps ahead. Lo! The lake was in sight. And what an experience that was! And how close it was before I almost quit.


The cool breeze from the lake greeted me with much love. Sat by the lake, ate the rest of my lunch. And took a nap. Didn’t know where I was for 30 minutes till heard a shout that it’s time to walk down. Got up, walked around the area and spent some time taking pictures and chatting with our guide (17 year old girl) before heading down. So that’s how I spent my 2nd day in Kyrgyzstan.